Wednesday, October 10, 2007

BEES! - By Water

One day, My two brothers and I went into the woods. Two days before, Wind and I went into the woods and stepped on a bee hive. So I wanted to know where it was but we didn't see it. We walked and walked. When I looked back, Earth was covered in bees! I was frozen! First I thought, Stay still,. But there were too many. Wind screamed, "RUN!" So we ran and screamed for help. Wind grabbed Earth and tried to run but they tripped. The bees were all around us and stinging us. I got stung on the lip. My Dad ran into the woods and grabbed Earth. By the time we got home my lip was as big as my knuckle. We quickly stripped off all our clothes, in case there were bees inside them. Mom gave us all Benedryl incase we were allergic. We all took bathes. In what felt like two seconds, my lip was as big as my Mom's thumb. She called the doctor. Luckily nobody else was like this. We all sat down and watched Mary Poppins. Everyone calmed down and we ate lunch. Earth fell asleep. My lip was better. Nobody had to go to the doctor. Other than getting stung, it was an o.k. day.