Saturday, November 14, 2009

When You're 15....................

I'm sure this isn't as crazy to you as it is to me, but, Forrest turned 15 on Wednesday! he's old enough to get his permit now! We threw a little surprise party for him with help from our friends Sarah and Andy. Forrest went to work with Mike for the day which made it easier. The boys made a banner for him with dragons and blue hair. (Forrest dyed his hair blue) Then we set up a big bonfire and made luminaries to light the way. For dinner, chickpea spinach curry and Sarah made a super yummy cake for dessert. He was indeed surprised. The stars were glorious, even shooting stars! The fire was roasty toasty! We didn't even realize temps fell below freezing until we tried to put out the fire with the hose...Frozen! We gave him a book light and S&A gave him a hatchet. Can you guess which was his favorite? He is so excited about this hatchet! I'm sure it has something to do with this book, one of his favorites! Sarah made a little blade pouch that goes on his belt. I actually had to tell him to take it off in the house! Do you think he would have gotten this gift if we still lived in Suburban Massachusetts instead of rural Maine? Any way, even with the blue hair, he is still a pretty amazing kid. Super kind and generous, polite, intelligent, compassionate, giving, loving, and a fantastic big brother. Happy Birthday Forrest Brewster!

Friday, November 6, 2009

What can you do with two inches of snow?????

build a snow gnome! At least you can when you have a field to use. Imagine what they will make when we have 5 feet!!!!!

Here is my attempt at capturing a Christmas Photo. Like 4 boys wasn't hard enough I had to add in 2 puppies! None are great but which one is best? The boys say I should let you all vote!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What a weekend!

So trick or treating was wonderful. We went to a different down town area this year. Lots of people and lots of fun. One home even made their entire first floor into a walk through, kid friendly, haunted house. Indigo thought it was just about the best thing he had ever done. He would not let me help him with his basket at all. "I DO IT!" was all I heard. We had a brief run in with a super creepy Michael Myers, as in Halloween the movie, but it was brief and funny in a weird and creepy way.
The switch witch made her first visit to our home and it was a huge hit. She took the candy (the boys figure she will use it to give trolls and ogres belly aches) and left little knitted gnomes and dust pans and brushes. What can I say, they love to help to clean. The gnomes have become the new bed time buddies.

Saturday, we went here! It was a short but steep hike. The view was spectacular.

We went for this.

Ya! pretty amazing! We really love these guys. Who else would I allow my legs, to burn and wiggle like jello the whole way up and down the mountain and then flat out refuse to work at all for two days for? Ok, i'm slightly out of shape. Any way, the wedding was gorgeous! The hall, decorated with gourds, pumpkins, leaves and lighted branches with leaves made from pictures of the couple. The food, all home made local goodness, soups, breads spinach salad, yum YUM! Quite possibly the best wedding we have ever attended. We had a great time celebrating with one of the sweetest, most hard working, hard playing, and enjoyable couples we have met. Congratulations S&A!