Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Trying this out

So this will be our sort of web page. I will try to get the boys to post as well. Each child will have a screen name and this will be how they are known on this page. please when you post comments be sure to use their screen names. We will use this page to let you all know what we are up too.
Today was our first official day of school if you can call it that. We are keeping a mellow schedule leaving plenty of free time to explore interests on their own. Today we worked on letter writing, budget planning, geography, science, math, computer and home ec. Yesterday Wind wrote a letter to iiams to express his concerns about their continuation of animal testing. This was something he wanted to do on his own. Water is working on a letter to his 3rd grade teacher and Earth, well he played many a game of candy land and drew his own version of a map depicting where we live and where gram and pa live. The day was definately a little crazy. Earth has taken to dramatically throwing himself on to the floor at the slightest idea that he might not get what he wants. Today it was carrot zucchini bread (more and more) and playing candy land NOW!
Fire is now just about two weeks old. He is all in all an easy baby allthough nursing is not going so well. i look at this as Gods way of letting me know i don't know everything even when i think i do. He doesn't cry much though and he sleeps very well at night.
The days seem to be going fairly smoothly, so far. The boys are starting to complete their daily routine (personal chores) without being reminded. They have also fallen into a good routine with their household chores and are completing them faster in the AM. I still need to order their math and science curriculum. Also getting my car fixed will definately help with finding good educational breaks from our every day. Daddy has been getting home pretty early so he has been able to spend lots of time with them either in the pool or making dinner or just hanging out. This is especially important to Earth. He even gets up and has breakfast with daddy at 6 or 6:30 am while everyone else is sleeping.
My goals for this week: figure this blog thing out, get the boys on a good schedule, get this house back in order.


Ga said...

great idea, i love it Love you you too

Deana said...

I don't know what to call you, is it "Mother Earth"? I think this is great, I'm sure the boys love it. You know that I'm always up to read your blogs, they are just so informative!

pa said...

Hey lady..... So you think maybe you don't really know everything..... Nah! you must just be having an off day...

Boys look great and they get to practice typing as well as creative writing.

Love to you all