Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trying out a schedule.....again

So as a family we decided on a few things. First, more formal curriculum. if i have realized anything, its that homeschooling is all about trial and error. We were basically unschooling but i just wasn't happy with the way our days were going. Any way i won't get into too much boring detail but here is where we are at now. Wind is going strong with his Saxon Math curriculum. i love it it is soooo straight forward. I just ordered 5th grade for Rain. We are also looking (desperately) for a good Secular Biology program, I think i may have found one. I am also considering a language program of some kind.
Our days basically go like this: Boys up at 7:00 ( I sometimes sleep in if the baby has had a bad night-meaning up more than three times) Then they do their chores, usually finishing up by 8:30. Then we sit at the table for "school time" Earth actually loves this time he cuts or colors. We are working on the Wacco, Animaniacs song of the states and capitals while we color code and label a map. Next is math: we do a timed test and mental math together then Wind goes into another room to work without distractions. what we do next varies greatly. somedays its errands( their favorite is grocery shopping with the shopping buddy at Stop and Shop!) some days we cook, some days we do language arts, the kids are writing a three part paper, reduce, reuse, recycle. If its warm enough as it has been this past week, the boys go out in the woods to work on their fort. They will even take Earth. What good brothers, Now with our new radios we can talk so i always know where they are. I try to get them to practice their instruments every day. Wind-electric guitar and Water-Drums.
Earth even uses his xylaphone. After like 1:00ish they have a few more easy chores and then the rest of the day is free. This is when they read, alot! i love that i don't even have to suggest it, now even with Water. he caught the reading bug....yeah! Actually they seem much happier. I know i am.
We have also been setting some goals. Wind really wants to look more into taking his GED exam so he can take courses as Massasoit. He is very excited about the bio curriculum we are looking at. Science is his love! its 10th grade bio but a general course and i know he is more than capable. I even plan to include water. He also mentioned he wants to learn to take notes so he can handle a college level corse.
I feel like i am finally getting into a groove with Fire, oh and fire soooo suits him! he is a bit more demanding that i would like but nothing i can't handle. i like to think of it as assertive but with out spoken language! Lucky for him he is soo stinkin cute i plan to keep him!
On the home front, we are working on our home plans, met with the architect. We are still unpacking....the story of my life. I bought new cloth diapers. m-says i am way too excited about them. i pointed out how it is no different from his excitement over a new tool for work. this is my job and these fantastic pocket diapers just made it a whole lot easier check em out at . $350 ish for 18 one size fits all diapers. as apposed to $2500 ish for disposables for 2-2 1/2 years then into the landfill they go! plus the rash and exema fire had from the pre-folds i was using is gone gone gone! i wash them about every other day. they clean beautifully and they are easy and cute. Earth wears them at night more pull-ups! i'm gonna stop here cause i could go on and on! i am trying a new laundry strategy it seems to be working out. I am loving my new "vegan with a vengance" cook book! The food is amazing! i can't wait to have my own kitchen again. i miss having one of the boys cook with me everynight.
On the personal front. i could use some more sleep! i get a weird hung-over feeling some mornings. funny since i have't had a drink! i miss summer, i miss heat and sun and the ocean and tank tops and sandals. I am soo diggin Paramore definately need to pick up that CD the best movie i have seen recently is "the last mimzy" i love my new hair cut, need to buy some clothes that fit. am sooo excited about Moes at the mall (one of my favorites from tennessee). My last date with m-was to IKEA and i loved it! see ya soon.

Peace GI GI.......we will miss you but we are happy for your peace, finally resting in peace!

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