Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snowshoeing and the best darn sled eva!

We went snowshoeing with auntie today. It was really fun. the snow is so deep and crunchy on top it's impossible to walk in. the snowshoes work great! it's actually a lot easier than i had expected. the weather here was beautiful today too. not too cold and no wind. My mom sent me this rad sled for Indigo! (thanks mom we really love it!) I love it! it has a back and a buckle and an enclosure so he doesn't get the wind. He actually fell asleep today while we were out. We saw plenty of tracks, turkey, deer, and fox we think. we didn't make it to the river though. the boys were too tired. Still a great time though.

Some people ask what we do for fun up here in Maine, just grab a pair of giant googly eyes!!!!

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