Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stella and Donovan are adjusting well. We are wearing them out if you can believe that. Yesterday they went exploring in the woods, worked on sitting and coming, walked on leads quite a bit,played in the hay fields while we worked in the garden and went to town to the farmers market and to run errands with us. The kids really enjoyed showing them off in town. They were great. Even off the leads they stay right with you. They were so tired that when mike and I tried to walk them last night around 7:00 they refused to walk. They kept laying down. So we ended up coming home. They got right in their crate and settled down quickly and slept until 4:45. out to pee then back to bed until 6:30. I'd say that is a pretty great day with two puppies. They are remarkably calm. Of course they have their moments. They rarely bark and they love to love. we have had only two tiny pee accidents and one poop but that was the first day and it was my fault, i waited too long to take them out. I am a bit tired but its really not too bad. They have figure out the stairs (with help from treats) and are fine now. The only other issues we have had is that Donovan is afraid of the dishwasher and barks at it. We fixed that with the help of treats in front of the running dishwasher and his sister who is just fine with it. Also they got into some burs yesterday out back. What a nightmare with their thick fluffy fur. It looks like they are helping each other out with them though. This morning one had puked up some burs and the big chunk of burs next to Stella's ear that i was planning to cut out today is gone. What a good brother! so here are some pics for anyone that is interested. I will post some non doggy news later today or tomorrow.

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The Mom said...

They really are beautiful, they look like my labradoodle when he was little. He is almost a year now and really big. He was only little like that for such a short time I wish I would have taken more pictures!