Monday, February 1, 2010

One Small Change,,,,,,,,or a few small changes

So it's time to tell about our family's change for February. It has ended up we have made a few changes here so I will talk about them all. First, I will again warn there will be words about feminine hygiene products, not interested? skip this post.

So first off we bought an awesome drying rack for clothes.(did you notice the tarp with all the dirt? pretty awesome huh? try not to be jealous. Here in Maine we had 6 straight -yes literally, weeks of rain this summer. This has made for some wet fire wood. We have to bring grips of it indoors to dry before we can burn it. As a bonus, when we first bring it in, we are blessed with usually about 10 mosquitoes, as if all the bugs in the spring and summer weren't bad enough) we normally hang clothes to dry in the good whether. But lets face it, cloths dry rather slowly when its below zero outside. So, basically my dryer runs all day. I imagine it is a huge chunk of the electric bill. Drying racks have never before entered the picture for two reasons. one, they are tiny and I do three loads of laundry a day, really they would be pretty useless here. Also, I see one and immediately think "that thing is so flim-flam, it will be broken within the week. Sorry, but things break here. 4 boys, 2 puppies! Well we found a giant GIANT Maine made high quality one at our local small time department store. I love it! it fits about 2 loads of laundry at a time. And thanks to the wood stove, they dry quite fast. It also helps add moisture to our house. The wood stove makes it very dry. I have not run my dryer since Friday. I think this should make quite a difference in our electric bill. Next month we will likely buy a second one and that should eliminate all dryer use.

Next, I started the family cloths. I did cheat a little and purchase them, but I knew if I had to sew them, it would never happen. So I went to my trusted Cloth diapering site and bought organic cotton terry wipes. Only 20 for now. They are not cheap! I also made it optional. They are there for those who choose to use them. I'm guessing that will make 4 cloth wipe users(one during diaper changing) and two toilet paper lovers. I can understand. I likely would have run away if my mom tried this when I was 15. I think they will come around eventually. I also explained that if we end up building a house and using an outhouse, they will have to use them. If you want more info, click the one small change link to the right. Basically for us, we keep a cloth washable water proof bag(also from that site) in the bathroom for used wipes. Then, I will take the bag, dump it into the wash with the diapers (the bag as well) and wash it up. I do one cycle cold cold no soap (I sometimes add 1/4 cup baking soda) and then one cycle hot/cold with my o-nature-l detergent. This is the only "hot" wash I run here.

While on the Nurtured Family Sight, I also bought cloth menstrual pads. They are almost too pretty to use! They too will go right in with my cloth diapers which I wash about every other day. I have been using the Diva cup for about 6 months now and am very happy with it, but wanted these to supplement it's usage. This diva cup is pretty awesome. I'm not going to get into detail of its use, but do check it out. It takes a little getting used to, but other than that it's pretty great.

So those are our February changes.

On a side note, our good friends returned from their three week honeymoon to South America and brought us the best gifts! Totally unexpected, and totally loved! I will show some fiber love later this week. Damn we missed those two! Seems like it was three months!


Conservative Knitter said...

Ohh fiber love! I can't wait to see! It was wonderful that they thought of you. How do you like drying your things on racks so far-- do the clothes have that crunchy harsh feel? Also, I am waiting to hear about family clothes adventure. I have lots of toilet paper lovers (DH especially) so that change would never fly. I think I will look into a diva cup-- the fitting of it has made me not want to look further. But I think it is a great option as well as cloth menstrual pads. I think I will look into that! I can not wait to hear how your month goes!

4 BOYS ONLY said...

what i noticed about the laundry is if it dries too fast it is quite crunchy, but if it dries slow its fine. 5 minutes in the drier will fix the crunchy clothes. The diva cup is great, it just takes some trial and error, pads...dare i say luxurious, if you can call anything about having your period luxurious, ha ha. family cloths, i would guess the majority of people i know would side with your husband, i think making it "optional" is a good compromise.

Stacey said...

We do cloth napkins, diapers and rags but other "personal" cloth..I don't think that would fly here. Kudos to you! I used to hang my laundry to dry year round (inside) but haven't in ages.(I have the space in the basement now but it would take ages to dry) Love fiber love. :)
Stay warm. :)

Laura said...

Nurtured Family is where I bought my cloth diapers as well. My brother went to college with the wife of the couple who owns that site/store.

Mary Q Contrarie said...

I love drying my laundry on a clothes drying rack. I just really feel like I am making such a positive contribution to the world. I also have the added benefit of saving money and setting a good example for my kids. Thanks for your post.