Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Our first week of having Harland back at home has not gone exactly as planned. I got the flu! Bleck! Seriously awful! Luckily Mike was around to do......everything, as i could barely get out of bed. There has been a little more tv time than i would like to admitt. However, all they will watch is Dinosaur documentaries and Liberty Kids....so at least it's educational. I am finally feeling better today and have decided to allow the boys to have some "decompression time". Just time to do whatever. I have discussed with Harland the things I would like him to work on and made tools available so that he can go ahead with it if he so chooses. He did want to do a dino-color by numbers math sheet today. He loves them, weird, I know. Yesterday we cleaned and organized their room. Harland was a huge help and we made up a rhyme to help them keep it clean. I can't share it with you, because my 16 year old poetry expert has critiqued it and well, it's not good. The point is, the littles love it and it may help. So shhhhh Forrest!

I am working on making room for all that is in our storage unit so we can stop paying for it. At that point I will have all of my school and Art supplies back at the house. I am most looking forward to our Wet-on-wet water coloring and hand work.

Forrest has been so much happier since he left public school. That being said, he doesn't seeem to want to work on Chemistry or Geometry. This is where I feel so torn. He is super bright! Not super motivated, at least not in these text book subjects. A part of me really wants to just let him run with what he is doing. Currently he goes to Advanced Bio-tech, every other day for a half day, He has nordic ski practice 5 days a week. He is on an amazing poetry writing kick, he truly has a gift( I know I'm his mom but still) He is also working on a blog and a short story. He has been making devil sticks or juggling sticks, with his dad to sell. He has plans to learn to make steam bent taboggans with a local artist. He is reading lots of basket weaving books and researching materials and He is making plans for an herb garden to make herbal medicines using a wonderful book he found. He volunteers for the local Recreation department maintaining their little ice rink. Oh and he just participated in a poetry out loud contest. He is truly doing so much but i still worry. He has high hopes for a competitive college. He also has two more years. I think I just need to relax. Any school would be lucky to have him, he is an amazing young man. I guess I need to follow my heart and trust my child. It is just sometimes easier said than done.

Gaynor is still in public, per his choice. I wish he would come home. for so many reasons, but that is another topic for another time

Indigo.......his behavior has changed DRASTICALLY since I left my job to be home with him full time. Thank GOD! now I can keep him....ha ha! he was really out of control and miserable and I knew in my heart all along what he needed. Financially it was a horrible decision as Mike has not yet found work, but honestly, we are still a happier family. The money will work out.

On a side note....is that not the craziest wall paper you have ever seen??? It has boats and trains and Victorian houses on it. So weird. Obviously not much work has been done to our new house, money is super tight, we will get there eventually.


Anonymous said...

The title of your post caught my attention as I was surfing through blogs :) My husband is one of four boys and loved it, congrats! ~Jackie

Johita said...

congrats 4 your beautiful babys