Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Off the cuff homeschooling

UMmmm, i started this post last week but I'm going with it!!!

Yesterday we had one of those great moments that made me remember why I love homeshcooling. (yes I do forget sometimes) We had stopped by Sarah and Andy's place to pick up some delicious spinach and basil. When we pulled up to the farm, Gaynor shouted, "MOM! look at the BEES!" At first all I saw was the traditional beehive by the barn that has always been there. Forrest and I both rolled our eyes and began to explain how it has always been there. Gaynor, said "NO, LOOK!" The bees were everywhere. We guessed they were swarming. A dream come true for owners of a brand new Top Bar Hive!!! I went to find Sarah and Andy came up and the kids showed him. Andy and Forrest got the new hive, and andy suited up in a bee keeper suit. I moved the van closer and put all the kids inside with with windows up and A/C on. If you don't allready know, my boys are petrified of bees. Last fall, the three oldest stepped on a nest and were stung multiple times. More importantly they were tramatized which is one of the reasons I really wanted bees. Any way, I got out to take pictures. I still kept away. We had no idea how it would go! I'm not going to go into detail at this point. Mostly because I don't want to spoil the blog that I am sure Sarah and Andy are going to post on their page. But, It was amazing to watch! I was so exited. The hum of the bees was so loud! We all feel much better about bees in general, especially the boys. They even came out of the van to take a closer look when all was said and done.
The point is, if they were in school it never would have happened. Literally. S&A most likely would have missed it as they were very busy getting ready for market. It was Gaynor who first spotted it. Also, not being in a rush to get anywhere certainly helped. We just stayed until it was finished. How many children know how to catch a swarm of bees and place it in a hive? What Fun! i was so excited! ok, click here and go to Marble family farms and see the pics! pretty amazing!

I will try to post again this week. The sun has come out for the first time in about 2 weeks and i need NEED to be outside. bye bye! enjoy the sun!

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