Friday, October 9, 2009

Here are some recent pictures of the pups. The bigger they get, the more I suspect they are not Great Pyrenees. They look more sheep dog, or wolf hound to me. But we will never know and it really doesn't matter. We made the pony/donkey enclosure into a dog wonderland. The big animals have found a new home. We miss them terribly but their owners had a lot going on and didn't have enough time for them. Any way, the dogs really love it out there. It's great. gives them and me a break. They have a barn to go in and a huge pen to run and play in. If they are inside for too long, they "politely ask" to go out to their pen. The boys are still walking them twice a day for 45 minutes each time. The morning walk is now at 5:30am and in the pitch dark because of our new schedule. I bought them headlamps so they could see. My boys are so hardcore. unfortunately, dogs don't understand that it's not a school day or that its the weekend so the latest they will sleep till is 6:00. Just think what great training this is for my boys for their future.

Sarah and Andy came this weekend for our first annual Garlic Shucking/Movie Night. We watched Monsters Vs Aliens and shucked all of the garlic to be planted at Marble Family Farms this fall. We then, of course, ate yummy food and had plenty of desert including cowboy cookies and mocha cake.

This is my very first time "putting food up" for winter. I have over 30 cups of shredded zucchini, 12 cups of frozen corn kernels, a ton of chopped celery, processed basil, chopped kale and so far, 12 cups of pumpkin (more to come this week). Then in the pantry I have a quart of condensed tomato soup and a quart of salsa, a bunch of honey spiced peaches, apple sauce and apple butter. None of the jam actually lasted long enough, we ate it all right up. But any way, I'm feeling pretty proud. I should mention none of it would have happened without Sarah. Sarah totally rocks! and she can do anything. We processed most everything together. A good portion coming from her farm. She also showed me how to can. I was always too scared to try. Thought I would screw it up. It's really not hard if you have the right equipment, and a good teacher of course. The apple butter recipe is for the crock pot, super easy and you can find it here. If you don't want to can it, put it in the fridge. I doubt you will have any problem eating it all right up.

Its a big weekend in our little corner of Maine. Last year we rode the lift up Sugarloaf Mountain and hiked down. Way harder than you think! The view was amazing but the little kids didn't love it. This year we are doing something just for them. Down the rode from us is and old Narrow Gauge Railroad. They are having a "Ghost Train" this weekend so we are going for a ride. You may know, my little boys are obsessed with trains and are going to have a great time! We are working on a little late-fall festival to have here at our home. I'm thinking bonfire, luminaries, making music and telling stories. Any other suggestions?

Next weekend is my big vacation to Boston. That really sound so weird. Me, vacationing in the city I grew up 30 minutes from. But seriously I can't wait! Imagine how much knitting I am going to do on my 4+ hour car ride with.......NO CHILDREN!!!!

Have a great weekend!

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