Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ocotober 13th and ummm.........................................

2-4 inches??????? That is what the Weather Man Said! I have been digging out boots and snow pants and trying to settle down crazy wound up boys. I don't know how I feel about this. The dogs aren't sure either. First snow they have ever seen. They have been smelling, licking and staring. Cracking me up.

These are the pictures I had planned to show.

Lots of school being done every where. Forrest took the littles across the street to collect leaves to press into Harlands Science book. The orange hats kill me. Safety before style I guess. It is moose hunting season after all. The weekend was glorious. Crisp air and falling leaves. The boys played in the hay fields for hours then moved to the tall grass and woods for hide and seek. I still feel nervous(quietly of course) when they are out. We have had more bad bee luck. Harland was down in a ditch on our land (he is absolutely not allowed down there) and stepped in a yellow jacket hive. He tried to run, lost his shoe and still had to climb out of the ditch with the bees all over him. Gaynor was with him as well. He had about 16 stings. He cried for over 6 hours. That is two times in two years this has happened to him. I slept with him that night, he whimpered and swatted bees away in his sleep all night long. It was horrible. He is a pretty strong kid, but one can only take so much. So now they always have a phone or a two way radio with them.
Any way. This weekend is just another reason I love Maine. We finally lit up the wood stove. I love the smell and strong heat. We moved our circle time to just in front of the stove so as to start our morning roasty toasty. We went to the ski sale and picked up cross country boots for two boys and new downhill boots for Forrest. He seems to have grown a foot this year. We are hoping to outfit the entire family in cross country skis. We will set up the covered sled to tow a little one and hopefully have some fun outings.

Gaynor has been using his calligraphy pen to write out the 10 commandments. He seems to be really enjoying his work. Forrest less so but he is plugging away. I'm not sure about all this hard course work with no real guidance. I never took chemistry and Algebra and I, well, are not good friends. His Bio-tech teacher at the Technology center is also a chemistry teacher and has been helping him out which is wonderful. Ok well I'm off to make chocolate covered pretzels and cocoa.

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Gram said...

Sounds good. Almost worth coming up right now for. Chocolate covered prezels are my fav. Enjoy!
I like winter but this is too early even for me.