Saturday, January 16, 2010

how it's going so far..... and Goal # 4

Well, The de-cluttering is going great. I find it easier and easier to part with things. Honestly, the hardest part is what to do with it. Let's face it, some of it is just junk. No one wants it. I hate to throw anything away. Socks! this has been the biggest one. I have simplified by buying each child many pairs of the same socks, each child's socks are different from the next. This way I don't pair anything, I just stack them, or put them in a basket. No more matching. But, unfortunately, I went through several different types of socks before I found ones that would stand up to my boys. So I have about a billion stray socks, many with one little hole in them. Lets just say, we have plenty of rags now. I have 3 full trash bags of clothes to go to one of the three local non profit thrift stores. We have recycled or burned sooo much paper. Paper is a real issue here. I am looking for suggestions, homeschooling and drawings are our biggest problem. I was thinking about slates, like little house in the prairie? but realistically how many math problems can be done at a time. I have started to limit how much drawing the littles do. They love it, but they are not very mindful of how much paper they go through at 2 and 6 years old. Truth be told, they would just assume play in the sink or draw in salt on a tray.
goal # 2, inner peace. It's going quite well. ok, a good amount of the time it is. Still a long road ahead, that is for sure. I am trying to have 5 minutes to sit quietly in the AM. unfortunately, I am pretty convinced my sitting up, silently, on my bed, sets of some type of alarm in Indigo's head ( he sleeps in the next room mind you, not with us). Then the shouting starts, "MOM, MOM! M O M!". This makes it tougher to "concentrate on the breath". Its a work in progress.
Goal # 3 ...I am pretty proud of myself here. Probably seems silly, but it is really hard for me. I have realized I have three addictions, The computer, Sugar and raw carrots. Clearly raw carrots is one I can live with, 2 lbs a day on average and haven't turned orange yet, The sugar, I am working on it, But the computer, I have only slipped twice with the no computer before 1:00 pm rule, and it started with turning it on to pay a quick bill, or check the balance in the checking account. then comes downward spiral into " did i get on this web page?" and an hour has gone by. But then I get right up and shut it off. Two days this week I did not turn it on at all. Can't wait to see if my electric bill goes down.
I have been cooking more on the wood stove. On sunny days I really can't. It just gets too hot in here. Not really complaining, as it is often below freezing outside and 72 inside!

Now for goal #4...........Saying YES. I just seem to say no so much. I will still be saying no to TV and Wii and computer usage in the middle of week days. But hopefully I will get back to a place where I say yes to playing, yes to having help with all things in the kitchen, even by a two year old, yes to a picnic in the snow,

yes to helping build an igloo, "A REAL IGLOO" and yes to more stories and games. That is the idea.

On a side note, I am feeling neglected in the comments area! I can see that I am getting lots of visitors, but not many messages. Ummmm, I have no shame here in saying, "talk to me" What are you up to at your place. And if you are new here, introduce yourself, I want to know who is out there! I want to check out your blogs! Dare I declare anti-stalking day!!! come out from behind your computer and say Hello!


Laura said...

Hi! My name is Laura. I don't believe I've ever commented, but I follow your blog. I live in Nashville, TN and have to say I am jealous of all your snow. A prediction of 4" always turns into a very light dusting. With a 4year old that is not good. We did get to play in snow over Christmas while visiting my brother in MI. I am also really impressed with all your purging. It really is hard sometimes to part with things.

4 BOYS ONLY said...

laura! Yeah! thanks for de-stalking. We lived outside of Knoxville for a while and we have family there. What a beautiful state you live in. I will admit you will never hear me complain about the snow, The boys love it and will play out there for hours! They are quite honestly working on an igloo, I'll take some pictures this weekend. The -26* days I could live with out though.

Stacey said...

I found your blog after you commented on CAF and I was intrigued by your blog name. I have 5 boys (15-2) and I'm always interested in what other all boy families are doing. :) I enjoy reading about your journey. We dream about moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle and maybe if we take baby steps we'll get there. Your photos from Christmas were wonderful! (Loved the play kitchen.)

4 BOYS ONLY said...

thanks stacey, I feel for jenna and her situation. She seems super awesome. 5 boys! funny my oldest and youngest are also 15 and 2. I too am always excited to find families raising all boys and a bunch of em. Why is that? I guess I feel like they know, ya know?

Laura said...

I love your idea of saying "yes" more! My own mother told me that a long time ago...

I have four boys, too. It's a wonderful and crazy life! I've written a book about that craziness, but it won't be out till the fall!

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