Sunday, November 30, 2008

Settling in to a Maine Winter

I wonder if i will continue to enjoy winter. So far So good. I have lots of sun and a toasty stove. Seems to make a huge difference. Today I moved the extra rocking chair over by the stove. I plan to set the sewing machine up here as well. Must be toasty whilst i create. The boys are love loving the snow. Especially Harland! They were all out for hours yesterday. They did an awesome job getting wood from the barn and stacking it in the porch. It is a lot of work because the barn is far away, but they took some sleds and made an assembly line of sorts, it worked great. They will be at it again today because it is best to get it done when it is not 5 degrees outside.

Mike is working again today. They had a major ice over snow mess at the mountain and needed some extra help so he has been at it all weekend. He did have Wednesday and Thursday off, but now he will work 7 days in a row. YUCK! he never complains, and we need the money. What a guy.
I was recently considering a parenting mistake i have made. "Why have I raised my kids to expect so much at Christmas???" Now please understand my boys are not spoiled, by any means. But I am trying to downsize this holiday considerably. I really think they will be fine. to be honest they couldn't even come up with things they wanted....AGAIN! But still, they are used to opening great and grand amounts of things. I will fully admit it is my own fault. I just hope they aren't disappointed. I guess it's all in what you make of it. I mean really, they are getting ski passes! Any way, less is more, right? I know i don't need any more STUFF to find places for!
Harland and Indigo had a little camping trip in the play room. Too cute. They love these darn blankets! (thanx gram) I just bought some Thomas fleece to make bigger one's for them for Christmas. How can i not they are so stinkin easy to make. I'm planning to make a tiny one as well for Indigo to take in the car. He was with me when i bought the fabric and he had to hold it the whole time we were in the store. I know he will love it!

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