Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Large Families get a bad rap!

In the past two days I have read two different articles/letters complaining of large families and the effect they are having on the environment. I take offense. First off, isn't it interesting that a family with 4 children is now considered large? More importantly, where are these people getting their information? The fact of the matter is, large families are more likely to live a "greener" life, if only out of necessity. For instance. Cloth diapers, The environmental reasons for using cloth are obvious. The financial savings are also great, and multiplied by each successive child to use the same cloth diapers. Carbon foot print you say? Well large families are less likely to go gallivanting around town every minute. (we go to town to run errands once per week) We also watch our budget more closely as we have more mouths to feed.Yet I still can feed six for less than $130 per week. This means less extravagant traveling, spending, using, consuming. We are more likely to breastfeed, and for longer durations. We are all about the hand-me-downs. When my family of five lived in the same building as a couple with no children we put out one bag of trash per week to their two or three!We use dish rags, and cloth napkins, and real dishes. Disposable items are a waste of money(and land fill space) We usually eat out less and are more likely to have one parent home full time.This makes finding the time to do the green thing easier. less travel, less spending less consuming.....A smaller carbon foot print! is that possible? Large families don't usually live in those giant mansion like homes. They turn their heat down and put on a sweater, they shut lights off, they even watch less TV! We simply can't afford to. What did i just say? We REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE! Not because it is hip or green but because it is necessary, the rest is just an added benefit. Now studies are saying our children seem to be more well adjusted, than those coming from average, or small families. Children from large families are found to have less illness, and even less chronic disease! The divorce rate is even lower for adults who come from large families. I guess all the arguing is good for something! I have always said having four is easier than having two. you learn to let go and relax. Children become more independent. Please remember, the population is actually declining, not increasing! Who will pay into taxes in the future, taxes that will pay for your social security? Who will grow up to be the doctors, who will take care of you, find a cure to your disease? Who will grow up to be the world leader that bring the change this world must have to survive? The children, my children! You should be congratulating and thanking us, not ridiculing us.

check out this article it's from Brittan but still relevant

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Tonya said...

Wow, you said it all! I agree, when I hear Oprah and Leonardo Dicaprio and the rest of the Hollywood elite going on and on about how we need to do with less, I want to gag. REALLY?! I guarantee, my family of 9 leaves half the carbon footprint that they do individually. We are green out of necessity, like you said ; ) I only have one brother and so wished I could have grown up in a bigger family. It definitely gets crazy sometimes, but I think it will make my children and me better people.