Sunday, November 23, 2008

Library fund raising Bake Sale a huge success!

So the boys wanted to do this Craft Fair/Bake Sale to benefit the New Vineyard Public Library. It's in the town we used to live in. We don't go there too often any more, but when we lived there the boys were there every day it was open. Sandy, the Librarian is wonderful! She does some remarkable stuff with the space and resources she has. She also lOVES my boys! The first time I saw this library I told mike it was as big as my van! It is by far the smallest library I have ever seen. But that doesn't stop Sandy. She ran a great "Story camp" over the summer. Like story time with an activity and maybe a guest. Harland loved it! Forrest volunteered to help. 17 kids and older helpers and even some adults would cram into the library every tuesday to see what Sandy had planned. It was too funny. Any way. Small library, maybe but a small library with a huge heart. So, all that being said, this was a cause that we could sink our teeth into! We baked and baked! All our favorite vegan treats. We made mocha and pumpkin muffins, pumpkin oatmeal cookies, Ginger cookies and Cinnamon Buns! plus Sarah and Andy (Marble Family Farms) donated some yummy home made loaves of bread for us to sell. We also made playdough and put four colors in a baggy and Harland sold these. The deal was any one could have a table and donate what ever they wanted out of the money they made to the library. My boys and I decided to give them everything we made. It ended up being $50 even! WOW! even i was impressed! Sandy was so happy she gave us all hugs. My boys felt great and they should be proud. They worked hard! We can't do much in the way of donating. Even time is hard with the kids. But, Bake we can do and so we did. Even Indigo behave the whole 5 hours we were there. Remarkable considering the size of the space we were in. He even took a nap in the Ergo on my back! LOVE THAT THING! check out our pics.

me kneading the dough for 3 dozen cinnamon buns! it was so much i had to do it. notice, Forrest's fancy, yet somewhat annoying photography!

sitting at the table rolling UP!

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