Monday, February 9, 2009

Times are a changin

So we had an intense family meeting this weekend. We made some long awaited new house rules. (day with mud, i laughed when i saw your family bill of rights post today) the biggest of which is the 20 minutes per day computer time per person! HELLO! I can't even check my email in 20 minutes! We also limited TV to 2 hours per week, cut down our netflix membership and decided no computer, TV, Wii, etc etc on the weekends! WOW! We got soooo much done this weekend! So, no time to blog, but here are our latest photos. Do you think we are going crazy due to our new time limits......just look at what mike is wearing! It is pretty hot though! At least i would have thought that back in jr high! Oh, and the children are not actually watching anything, just being silly. All right, the computer Police (in the form of a 14 year old child) is standing over me! Busted, got to go.


Jillienne said...

That picture with your hubby with the your son standing on his hands made me laugh! My hubby does the same things with our kids, Emersyn (1) can even do it!

Jillienne said...
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Gram said...

You guys are too funny!