Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I forgot about baths....

Every other night, mike gives Indigo and Harland their "tubby". This gives me a break, well, really a chance to run around and pick up the house, and him some time with the littles. It has been this way since Harland was about 2 and I love it! I lay everything out and Mikes does lotion, diapers and jammies. I don't get many breaks these days, which is really ok, i just truly enjoy the ones i do get. Well, Indigo has a horrific diaper rash again! To be honest, it is a staff infection. It keeps coming back. I feel horrible. It truly baffles me how this happened in the first place! We quite literally leave the house once per week on errand day. No baby sitters, no daycare, just us. Where on earth did it come from? Any way the doctor said basically it has colonized in him. so any irritation will end up staff! What a nightmare! Now here i have a baby who poops more than any baby EVER! like 4-6 time per day. I'm pushing bananas these days! His favorite thing to do is go into his crib for a nap and poop. He stays pretty quiet and sometimes even goes to sleep. So he sits in it. How do i stop this? Wait, I was talking about baths.
So, i wanted to give him a bath to soak his sore little butt. My point is, I forgot how much fun bath time is! He loves the tub! All my kids did but I just don't see Indigo in the tub. He dumps the water right over his own head and laughs! Mike has got this one trained well. Maybe the other kids irrational fear of having water dumped over their heads was my fault? I'm glad mike has this special time with them. But maybe I'll peak in once in a while.

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randi---i have to say said...

My hubs was always the "bath man" when the kids were little. Such fun times!