Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Making Progress in the garden

Monday we planted out in the garden. Onion sets, carrots, radishes, baby greens, spinach and peas. I only planted a small patch of carrots as it is still a little early. We were out there for about 5 hours all together. It can be slow going when you have all that "help" from a 5 and 1 year old. I thought having all that space to roam would make it easy. Indigo seems to need to be right under me. There was a lot of stepping on what i just planted! Harland and I planted peas together. My row is soooo very crooked. I was a little distracted. I don't think I'll be judged on how straight my row is though. Harland woke up this morning and said. "Mom, I can't wait to get over there today and pick some peas!" ha ha! We only planted about 1/2 of the almost 400 peas we have. I'll plant more in a few weeks. I also planted 1/3 of the greens and 1/2 of the spinach. Hopefully it will spread out the harvest a bit.

We got a ton of rain yesterday. Good and Bad. Of course we need it, but I'm concerned some of my seeds may have washed away. I guess we won't know until they start to grow....or don't.

The tomato seedlings have popped up and are leaning towards the sunny windows. They look great and MAN! we are going to have some serious tomatoes! We also planted cabbage, lettuce, kale, peppers, hot peppers, and some other things i am sure i am forgetting. They are all in the other southern window and have also began to sprout up. It's all very exciting.
We did decide to buy some straw even at $6.50 a bale! Which I think is sooo outrageous considering it is a by-product of grains! But with our garden being in a well established hay field, we really need to mulch like crazy to try and keep the grass and weeds down. We will add leaves as well. Mulch-a-mania! That's what it will be!
Friday I plan to trim the raspberry bushes. They are thick and we need to cut paths through so we can pick in the middle. They don't do much good if you can't reach the darn things.
I woke up this morning quite sore. Laugh if you must, but hoeing is hard work. (no crude jokes please!) I am sore all through my belly and back and shoulders. It is going to be great for me. I kind of like that sore feeling, means I actually did something!
So, It looks like the goats are not coming. I believe they have been sold. I am a little sad but I really think it is just as well. There is plenty of time for animals later down the road. I still want a dog, or two but I will need to convince mike. I think we will wait a little while on this too. It's just about puppy season so we might even get lucky and find puppies at the shelter.
Next weekend we will be building top bar hives. I am really excited about the bees. We may also purchase a traditional hive to "compare and contrast" as the kids say. A man right down the road has a bunch of hives for sale with bees. Again, this is still being decided. But the top bar hives are a go!

Ok so that is all for now, I will leave you with these photos of my little destructo! he just lovessssss to dump things out!

All before 9:30 AM. luckily he is so darn cute! I guess I'll keep him.


Clone.Girl. said...

My mom used to always complain about stiff and soreness after gardening for a day. I like that painful feeling too. I was the complete opposite of destructo when I was younger. I would always line my toys up according to height or color.

Gram said...

You are making great progress. I am also planting. We bought rubarb and new strawberry plants as well as the usual vegs. Good luck with the garden, it is soooo much fun to pick when it grows.

mimi charmante said...

I just found you and feel an instant bond as we share four boys (well, we don't actually share them, now do we?). I am out to the gardens as well today - thankfully it is sunny!
Have a lovely weekend,