Monday, April 6, 2009

We hid the TV from our toddler

Indigo has been obsessed with the TV for a few months now. However, it has become an increasingly larger problem these last few weeks. He can reach all of the buttons. He just turns it on himself. He will change DVDs adjust volume, he even takes out the dvd and breathes heavy on it to wipe it on his sleeve. (This is quite a site to see, much like him taking games out of the old leapster and blowing the dust out of them) If there is a DVD on top of the TV, he just climbs up and gets it. We started unplugging it all but this just led to him trying to plug it in. We have had more than one day with hours, yes HOURS of crying over the darn TV. So, last week while he was in bed, we hid it. We emptied the closet in the play room. We found a table with wheels and put in the tv, and dvd player. We hung a new curtain up on the doorway and placed a chair in front. It is so well camouflaged he will never know!!!! It has really worked out pretty well. We are also very careful not to to say any of the "danger words" including, Pablo (backyardigans), elmo, video, show, or TV. Each week we watch one movie and two TV shows streaming from the computer. We just put Indigo to bed and pull out the TV. Out of sight out of mind. I have even let Indigo watch a few videos. We just have to move the TV in and out during naps or when he is outside playing. He doesn't question far. I have to say, I really like having the Tele put away.
We also had to move the computer which has had an unexpected effect. We need the computer close to the TV so we can stream the TV shows onto the TV. we placed the computer on a little table just outside the playroom. The most amazing thing has happened. The kids actually play IN the playroom. I know! It is sooo CRAZY! IN THE PLAYROOM! Really! Because when I am on the computer, I am right next to them. Trains have been set up. Puzzles have been done. Books are being read (in boxes...see below). Cars are being raced. AMAZING! Who knew kids could actually play in a playroom. Here I was thinking it was a place to store toys and to send them as punishment when they are under your feet.

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Jillienne said...

That is so funny! My kids used to feel the same way about their playroom. So I finally got rid of it and put toys in rooms and little hidden storage places. Much nicer and for some strange reason they do not mind going to their rooms to play?! Kids are funny little people.