Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beach Compromise and plans to "get it under control"

Yesterday Sarah and I headed for the beach with my three youngest. We had originally planned for the ocean, but alas, common sense got the best of me. It's no longer a free day of fun when We have to drive around two hours to get there and two to get back. Have you seen the price of GAS????

So, Instead Sarah suggested Dummer's Beach or "Dummahs Beach" if you are a true Mainer. I am an ocean girl, but as far as fresh water goes, it was lovely! It's at a campground so we payed $5 to get in. It is a small but sandy beach and the lake is big enough to produce some little waves, but shallow enough to walk way WAY out and still stand. Plus you really can't beat the view!

Indigo, my fearless child, ran right out into the water several times ending up under water before I could grab him. He didn't care in the least! I finally convinced him to stay on the shore and dig in the sand. Plenty of Snacks and sandwiches with homemade bread and homemade jam alah Sarah made the day complete. And only a 20 minute drive! We might even get back before our very very short summer is over.

New Plans on the home front. I am kicking the FLYLADY thing into high gear this week. Sarah is trying it out too. So I decided to post a little about the system, my thoughts on it, and my progress over the next few weeks. It is, after all, almost fall and I need to get this place under control before we start up school work again. For the real deal though, go to let me know if you get on board.

Baby steps is what this is all about. Starting with a shiny sink. I have been down this road before and when i think back to what my life was like while full on FLYING I have visions of peaceful days full of fun, yummy dinners prepared on time and waking up to a clean kitchen, coffee made, breakfast dishes laid out. I need this back!

Shining your sink is where it all begins. Mine has been truly shining for 3 days now. It really is amazing how just a clean sink can change you attitude. Flylady gives full instructions on how to get really clean and you don't even have to wash all those nasty dishes first!

Day two of baby steps is dressing to lace up shoes! I fought this one big time my first time around. I hated the look of sneakers. 6 years later, this is pretty much all I wear. Her theories have proven true. You won't kick them off and you will truly get more accomplished. My feet thank her every day. As far as just getting dressed. It can be tough as a stay-at-home mom especially in the winter when i have no place to go. But, pj's equal lounging and I am a professional! The simple act of putting on clothes, even fresh clean work out type clothes (not frumpy sweats) help me to treat my life more like a job that needs to be done and done properly. It has also saved me many times from running to my bedroom when someone shows up on my doorstep unannounced.

This is where I am at so far. yup, just day two. But I all ready feel better. It's like when I was a kid and my mom would send me to "clean my room" I would cry and even fall asleep there with out doing a thing. I just litterally had NO idea where to start. i am simply not a BO (Born Organized) or even close. I need it broken down and then it is no problem.

The most interesting thing, I think, about the Flylady system is that it is not just about cleaning your house. it's about taking care of yourself first! FLY stands for "finally loving yourself" it's not implying that your a depressed or needy but let's face it. As mom's we often, VERY often put ourselves last. She compares FLYing to putting on your oxygen mask before your children's. Makes sense right? Trust me, give this a try with me! You will love it!


Anonymous said...

You're boys are adorable!!

Gram said...

You go girl !!!!