Monday, August 17, 2009

Look Who's Two

I know there is no sound, i took it on my regular camera, He is saying "Happy BEE BEE, TWO! Its the best I can do!

Today is Indigo's second Bee Bee (that's Birthday to you and me). We had a little, and I mean little, party yesterday but it was quite nice. Sarah and Andy came over and we ate like pigs for hours. I feel like my younger two get jipped when it comes to Birthday parties. When the older two were younger we threw crazy parties. We have had carnivals which included jugglers on stilts (mike and his plastering stilts) Halloween birthdays with cauldron cakes and Dinosaur parties with a giant plaster skeleton of a T-rex buried in the sandbox waiting to be excavated by little paleontologists. They were a blast. But we have moved away, have far fewer friends and are much more careful with our money. Anyway, my idea was to make it as much of a "party" as I could even with only two guests. I think it went quite well.

It was um like 90 degrees or more but I am definitely not complaining because, you know, this is the very first, VERY FIRST weekend that it has not rained at least once all summer!!!!!! S&A brought their easy up and we set up a nice table outside.

I cooked like 30 people were coming but we made a good dent in it. It was delicious.
Indigo slept through most of lunch but when he woke up he opened his presents and was so excited. All he talks about is BAHHHHNNNNS! So we got him a Melissa and Doug red barn. He LOVED IT.

Indigo and Harland started playing with it first thing this morning

Sarah made an absolutely adorable bag for Indigo. I was super impressed. A Quilt top with needle felting and cross stitch! Adorable. I think it will make a perfect library bag for Indigo's library selections. Inside the bag were new sneakers, and just in time!
Please note this is the end of the day, hence the sticky dirty watermelon face! I always say you can tell if a kid is having a great time by how dirty they are.

The boys also gave him a gift the day before the party. Forrest was leaving for his trip to Massachusetts. They gave him a little cutting set from Melissa & Doug. Too cute. Indigo cut fruit for hours!

After presents, Mike and Andy took the boys swimming in the river, we have a great little swimming hole right on the property. Sarah and I stayed to clean up and play with Indigo and the barn. It was a lovely day with great friends.

Happy Birthday Little Man!

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Happy Birthday Indigo!