Monday, August 31, 2009

Flying in a rented furnished house

So much going on today. The boys started back on their school schedule. At 1:00, their teacher (me) declared early release to help mom (me) with chores. I had spent the entire morning working on the littles room and now the rest of the house looked like a bomb, (or 4 boys left unattended for 4 hours) hit it. The morning went well though. I have decided to use Gaynor's blog as a place to log his school work, and projects. He will also be adding thoughts and ideas here and there as well. later this week, click on his picture to the right and see if i actually followed through and then call me out on it if I did not!

I realized part of my problem with getting my house under control was actually out of my control. We rent, and the house was furnished when we moved in. I literally stuffed all that i could into closets and the cellar but they are all full now. There is clothes, bedding, dishes, artwork, and books, as well as furniture. This was their vacation home and also a vacation rental before we moved in. There is nothing I can actually do about it, so i just need to get over it and move on with the mission. I am getting rid of a ton of stuff since there is no place for it. Here is what I did today.

Clothes storage is a major issue in our family of 4 boys. I keep it all to hand down to the next, but with the big gaps between ages, it means a lot of bins full of clothing. but organized, its not bad. I put most of the bins in the other bed room, under gaynor's bed and the rest in the corner.
I know we need curtains! The floor is just a sub floor, not pretty but no worries of damage from boys and puppies. It honestly doesn't bother me other than that i can't really wash the kitchen floor. We actually have a floor to put down in the kitchen and eating area this winter. I also need curtains for the cubbyholes above the dressers. I was thinking about making these for the big blank wall. not sure what they will say. but curtains first. wish i had taken before pics of the playroom, lets just did NOT look like this!

behind the green curtain is our TV, hidden away and barely used these days. Especially now that the computer monitor is larger than the actual television and since when we do watch, we usually stream what we are watching any way, it ends up being everyone gathered around the computer. We are working on making it more functional/comfortable before Lost and Heroes start back up.
Tomorrow I am working on the computer/school room/dining room. If i finish, i will post pics. I do have to grocery shop and run errands, so bare with me. Tomorrow is Forrest's first day at Foster Tech! I think Mike and I are equally as excited as he.

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