Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall is Fast Approaching

It's chili again this morning. Can't stop thinking about that wood stove and giant wood pile at the new house. It will be so nice when mike gets up and puts wood in the stove before i am out of bed, ha ha ha! We may have found a speed skating program for mike and the boys, its ice skating. maybe we'll have the next Apollo? The only problem is it is in Portland, I just don't know if it is feasible with the winter coming and the price of gas. Plus Ice time is really pricey. We are going to check it out this weekend and we'll see.
Indigo is learning to sign like crazy. he gets so excited when you know what he is trying to say. His new one is train. He seems to like Thomas as much as Harland. GOOD! now the hundreds of dollars in trains will get some more use. Harland actually has been using them allot lately. Its possible Indigo's interest has sparked the renewed obsession. Lets not forget whose trains they are... OK?
Forrest is loving working at the farm. He really enjoys Sarah and Andy's company. They are really cool. I am glad he is getting to spend time with other adults. If only we could find some kids his age to hang out with. He worked yesterday harvesting potatoes. He comes home so excited and tells us everything he learned. He is going to come in very handy if we can pull this farming thing off. I am excited for him getting the work experience as well. I think finding paid work around here might be tough for him and this could really help. It really doesn't matter, The experience alone is priceless. Did I mention he brings home veggies! Yesterday he brought me tons of yummy carrots. You all know how i feel about carrots and these ones are the best ever! needless to say, they are gone!They even sent us their first batch of vegan chocolate chip cookies. They lasted about 3 minutes! With the last one being snatched out of the container and the taker chased through the house. Forrest is also preparing seeds from a seed tomato Andy gave him. A striped German! they are pretty and yummy! so we can grow our own next spring.
Gaynor is working constantly on his games and short stories. He mostly likes to develop characters. They usually consist of creatures with some type of power. He gets really into it. Maybe he'll develop the next big trading card game. He has also been playing with Harland allot. Sometimes forced but they have such great imaginations and make up some really cool games.
Harland is really into cutting and pasting right now. he calls it his school work. But his favorite thing to do is play with Gaynor. He is outside as much as humanly possible. It will be even better when we move and have a huge yard! He would stay out all day if he could. Too bad Gaynor doesn't share his love of the outdoors.

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