Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Glorious Fall!

I can't believe how fast fall crept up on us. The drive to Kingfield is stunning! I can't wait to see our view at our new house. We couldn't go there this weekend because someone is renting it! Darn! I should probably consider packing....something. Tomorrow is the first, i have yet to pack one single thing! The next 15 days should be interesting. But as most of you know, I'm a professional!
I'm not sure if Indigo is getting sick, or teething or what. Probably sick due to the jinxing blog i wrote yesterday! He was up all night. We just got him sleeping on a regular schedule. Its really secretly ok. He hasn't really been nursing much. He seems to associate "nahnies" with getting into that white cage we call a crib. So he will go all day, sometimes two without. He does this funny thing when he asks to nurse (signs milk) and so i pick him up, start to nurse him and two seconds later he's done. I think he just wants to make sure its still available. any way it makes me a little sad. So i was secretly, selfishly happy for our 4 night nursing sessions last night. I do many times find myself missing him sleeping with us. He was just way too wiggly and he loved to sit up and launch his bowling ball head onto my face. It only took a couple of fat lips to decide he had to move. But last night he snuggled into his old spot between mike and I and nursed happily .....all night! Did i make a mistake here? oh well, as long as i learn from it right?? wait, will I?
I wanted to mention I love love love my ergo carrier. I have used them all! literally and this is the best one yet! It is way more comfortable than a frame pack. And more versitle! it was pricy but it is good up to sixty lbs! (Ha ha) As soon as i find out who took the batteries out of my camera i'll post a pic of us using it. I'm going to check remotes and wireless game system controllers now!

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Darcy said...

Sounds like he's keeping you plenty busy! Love that picture of the darling little bowling ball head, too.