Monday, September 22, 2008

Field Trip!

So we took the boys to the Common Ground Fair. Its a Maine Organic/Sustainability fair. It was really awesome, except for out timing. We went saturday so Mike could get a full day of work in on Sunday. It was jacked! we sat in traffic to park for over 20 minutes. Then there were so many people there it was tough to see anything. Next year we will go early on Sunday morning. There were some really awesome booths and displays. Mike met a guy who does "light clay" plastering on timber frame houses, both interior and exterior. it is really beautiful and healthy! The kids had a great time. Harland's favorite part was sliding down the hill on a piece of cardboard. It was my type of fair, no rides! It was great to see sooo many families and so many people wearing their babies! The music was awesome. The food was awesome. I could have done without seeing all the animals in cages. especially the bunnies. But the sheep dog demo was great. What we saw of it. We also became MOFGA Members so we will get their newspaper now which i love. And you get into the fair free as a member. They had this crazy trash tent. They basically recycled and composted just about everything. They pre-sorted at the trash station, and then they actually had volunteers who went through the trash and sorted more. YUCK! as green as i would like to think way! Thank goodness for those wonderful people. The nicest thing was the atmosphere. everyone was smiling and polite, no "scary fair" bull. I am all ready looking forward to next year. The whole thing just made me ache even more for our own place. I am sick of talking the talk, i'm so ready to walk the walk!

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Michelle said...

Your boys are so cute!!!!!

I love the post about the bees. How precious!!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Teens are just great. And since I've had my first boy I'm discovering how great they are too. But you already knew that, didnt you?