Monday, September 29, 2008

I don't even remember what we used to eat.

We have been eating a vegan diet now for I guess 3 years? I can't even remember what we used to eat. I will say one book changed it all for me. Vegan with a Vengance . It put Pizza, really great pizza back into our lives! There are so many amazing recipes, all kid friendly. Indigo allready loves tofu scramble and anything with chickpeas, even curry, the spicier the better. He will be the first of the four we have raised vegan. All have been vegetarian since birth, but even with harland I wasn't quite confident enough to cut the dairy out. When I look back its funny. They all nursed and then went to soy or rice milk. But I still gave them cheese and yogurt. I wish I had trusted my instinct more. With Forrest especially, but i was only 20. Looking back at all his ear and respiratory issues, i can't help but feel it was the dairy. Plus the fact I only nursed him for six months. He almost had tubes, he took more antibiotics than i am even willing to admit and had his adnoids out at age 7. Now compare Gaynor and Harland. Nursed for 2 1/2 years, never an ear infection, NEVER! Also we had cut way back on dairy. Indigo has barely had the sniffles. Let me also put this little bug in your ear, check out the rising rate of percocious puberty....could this have anything to do with hormones in milk and meat?? Forrest still struggles with allergies and such. I know i have met other women out there who were vegan but started including dairy during pregnancy and then let their children have it. I can tell you you should trust your self. This last pregnacy started off that way for me. But no matter what I ate I felt exhausted and could not get my iorn up to a decent level. Then I went 50-100% RAW(I didn't force it some days raw and some days not) and started growing and juicing wheat grass. WOW! Honestly I felt like superwoman! No naps!!!! NO NAPS! plenty of energy, My Iorn went up drastically in only 3 weeks! I am also allergic to tree nuts so my protein was not as high as people would like. I still grew a Gorgeous perfect little boy! The birth was easy and I felt fantastic immediately! I'm not sure where this blog came from. I have just been reading around other blogs and felt driven. My point though was this. I actually fought mike for years about the vegan thing. I really didn't think i could do it. I don't have much self control. Turns out it has nothing to do with control. It has to do with adjusting what you consider to be normal food. I cook and cook and cook. And I love it. The kids are constantly saying YUM! thats got to mean something right! I don't doubt any more. This is a very healthy way to live! don't let any one (especially the dairy or meat industry) tell you differently!

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