Friday, September 26, 2008

The Price of Groceries!

Man! Food is so expensive!

So Friday is shopping day. we do groceries, BLC (health food store) and the farmers market. I have been determined to get our grocery shopping down to $140 per week for everything and i just can't do it! I was sure i had it this week. I am guessing that we still spend less than most families of 6. We do buy organic and some specialty items. But it is still driving me crazy! I Hate to see the register at Hannafords go over $100. Two weeks ago it $164 at the grocery store alone! I make everything form scratch and buy no meat or dairy. Soymilk is expensive. I have been thinking about a soymilk maker. that would save us like $15 a week. Here is my menu.

butternut squash soup
coconut pancakes with pineapple sauce
chick pea and spinach curry
black bean burritos
vegan pizza
chick pea casserole
veggies and rice

i make everything from scratch, all bread, and flat bread, i did buy pitas for pizza to save time. but that's it. Maple syrup is outrageous right now but i simply can not buy that evil corn syrup impostor! I'm just venting but why the hell does food have to be so expensive?? I guess that is why i need to have a farm! Man I could grow so much yummy food! CARROTS! So Many Carrots! Once we move i will buy more in bulk. I all ready buy 50lb bags of organic oats, I will also buy flour and wheat flour, brown rice, and sugar in 50lb bags, maybe that will make a difference. so whatever if ya have any suggestions, let me know. Oh and having less children is not an option!

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