Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spelling/Vocabulary Lesson spelled.....S C R A B B L E

So I get so excited when things like this happen. The older boys discovered Scrabble 2 days ago. All by themselves. We have owned the game for years but they have never wanted to play it. Well during our days of rain I found them on their bedroom floor with the game and a dictionary playing Scrabble. I think they played for like two hours! I heard giggling and joking fighting!!! Harland was in his room playing (he plays so darn good by himself) and Indigo was watching the Backyardigans....AGAIN. It was weird! So...Quiet...So Peaceful. I made dinner and talked with mike, no interruptions. So when I mentioned to them it counted as school work, well, they played again yesterday! CRAZY!
I found out that Farmington (where my kids would go to public school) has full day kindergarten. At first I had a fleeting moment of HE's SO THERE! (its just a joke) But then i was thinking how sad i would be to send my little fresh hyper spazomatic buddy away all day. Besides they would probably throw him out any way! Like maybe the first time he blurted out "Voldermort't NIPPLES" (thanks boys and your goofy you-tube videos) or when he tells the teacher...(MRS. SIPPI) very calmly and plainly that he is not going to sit in his chair right now because he is going to play. Ya, I'm glad he's staying home with me. Harland is actually just about reading. He was online playing games at pbskids, like super why and word world. They are spelling games. i honestly didn't think he would be able to do it but he did. he knows all the letters and their sounds. he does get a few confused but this is so much earlier than the other two. I'd like to take the credit but, well, i think it's the TV.
I just read about a new education theory called "Thomas Jefferson Education" it seems like a pretty cool theory, I only read it briefly but I'm going to check it out more today.I really love the idea of unschooling but my public school brain is having a hard time letting go of "traditional education ideas" I'm getting there. I also wanted to brag. we went to the library yesterday, I took Gaynor and Harland and Indigo. Usually the bigs go by themselves. Any way Sandy, Our librarian, told me people are constantly making comments about how wonderful my boys are. I love IT!! That makes me so happy! All right three silly and loud boys are going to wake little boy blue. bye now

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