Saturday, October 25, 2008

Diapers and Safety

How do you keep your children safe on 186 acres of woods and fields plus make a fashion statement?????

Indigo sitting at our new changing area in the laundry room. It's actually a laundry room/giant pantry with a double stainless sink! AMAZING! the cabinets are rad. Stained different colors. I'm not feeling the faux brick finish but it's just a laundry room. It is working out awesome. dryer is the perfect height to change plus its right off the kitchen. The diaper pail is right next to washer, and when they come out of dryer they get folded right there. Its super!


Gram said...

I love it. You guys look great and the hunters can see you coming. Indi has his own diapering room too, WOW!
Love and hugs,

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