Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So Much to do.......so i'll blog instead.

All right, we have moved! We are in the new house. Among the piles of stuff and boxes and more piles. It's a process people! Especially when six people are moving into a furnished house. We have to move the owners stuff out to put our stuff in. I think it is interesting how much happier the kids seem here. Even Indigo. He loves how much room to run he has. We took two breaks, One to go up Sugarloaf. WOW! We rode the super quad up and hiked down. The view from the top was breathtaking, want to see pictures? Ya me too. Too bad I forgot my camera! Dir, in my defense its a little crazy here right now. So hiking down a mountain, should be easy right, I mean its down hill the whole way. Ya, straight down hill. I am so sore! MY butt and legs kill! Half way down my legs were like jello! I didn't feel as sill as all the people who forgot it was going to be FREEZING at the top. We had extra coats and hats and gloves and were still cold. Most other people had light weight coats and that was it. Harland had a hard time. you have to zig zag back and forth, just like skiing. I also twisted my ankle towards the bottom and now i keep twisting it! All in all though i am so glad we went. I'll dare say i will do it again next year.
We also took a long walk on the property here. There is a mile frontage on the Sandy river so we went and skipped rocks for a while. We also met a neighbor and her two Chihuahuas on the way back. Speaking of animals, i seem to have a cat living in my basement. Its a weird story. We noticed when we first got here there had been mice. The house has been empty for months now, so i'm sure that is part of the problem. but still, i had a bad experience! So mike and i talked about the best way to handle it and a pet came up. I was thinking dog from shelter. Then as we were moving, a cat showed up at our old place. it was there at our door for 5 days, even when we weren't. so yesterday we were there cleaning and when we got home, i turned to look at mike as he pulled up next to me and he had the damn cat on his lap! So she is in our basement.( Its actually an apartment, huge!) Very friendly, and happy to be there. We are making posters to put up and see where it goes. The kids are trying to name her......you know what that means! Oh well, at least i won't have mice!
We are learning all about heating a house with a wood stove. It's harder than you think. Like when you wake up in pjs with a down-equivalent comforter on and its over 75' in the house! I guess its a learning process. But, I'd rather be roasty toasty than cold!
We have also discovered that Gaynor's body doesn't like hay. they have been playing in the hay barn and every time, gaynor gets hives or red eyes or a stuffy nose. He keeps going back for more though.
We still have soooo much work to do. We still have to empty the storage unit as well. Unpacking actually takes way longer than packing, but its more fun! As soon as I find my camera and get new batteries i'll take some more pics. The view out our front window right now is so awesome! I'm out now, Indigo is getting restless!

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