Friday, October 17, 2008

A week in the life..............

OK, so I notice my SIL posted a week (all though it seems to be incomplete???) as well as some other friends so i'll try. I won't promise and i wouldn't really consider this a typical week as we are in the middle of moving. That being said I should also mention that, um, we seem to always be moving, so maybe it is typical. I am also starting mid week but will try for a full 7 days.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Up at 6:00 check thermostat 63" made oatmeal in crockpot, mikes says its not good....It's not great but edible. Get kids fed and dressed. Its raining, inside and out (leak in roof first thing on mike's list to fix) check on Ireen sea kitten princess fluffy-SEA K for short (the new cat with the longest name)

10:00 mike calls to say he is coming home. can't frame in the rain and forgot paint for other job. look down to realize i forgot to dress me and i have been on the computer all morning avoiding house work, figure i better at least appear to have done something, start running around like a crazy lady.

10:30 make fire in stove with Forrest before mike comes home and tells me its not cold enough!!! note to self: need to learn better fire building skills, it should not take 30 mins!

11:00 mike home, kids thrilled! make a big lunch knowing that this will cause me to not want to cook dinner. chipatis, dahl, and roasted potaotes, yum!

12:00 Indigo in for nap, diapers into wash, look out the window to see a ladder on porch with no one on it. Try not to picture mike walking on a metal roof in the pouring rain.

2:00 Notice I have gotten really good at walking around in circles pretending to do very important things. A skill I learned from my wonderful husband. Also notice laundry and rest of the house shows clearly what happens when i continue to do this.

3:00 Mike comes down from attic gets out bag of clay for everyone to use at the table. kids make pottery, one sits and highchair and yells, one cries because he can't make anything good. I finally start cleaning and cooking now that everyone is in one place

5:00 dinner, chili and cornbread.

5:30 get everyone to work for 30 mins cleaning. looks better at least for now.

6:30 Indigo to bed everyone in jammies, harland in at in bed at 7:05!!! I hope tomorrow will be better!

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Gram said...

This is you writting at your best. I do so enjoy these blogs. Love and hugs.