Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, Hi ho hi ho, its back to work we go

7:00 OOOOOOOH slept in late! up to make breakfast, yes oatmeal again, no we don't get sick of it. Mike decides he is staying home again. Yipee! He decides he is going to clear out the back porch. now we will have a place for a bench and shoes and hats and coats! its a dream come true. but first, music and silly dancing!

7:30 diapers in wash, man we go through them fast. All this talk of too many poopy diapers has caused indigo to poop. Change poopy diaper #1 Decide to set up diaper station in laundry room. Put indigo on washer, he loves the jiggle jiggle and starts to giggle giggle.

8:00 assign areas for boys to work on. Setting up toy area is top on list. Forrest offers to clean kitchen sink. he knows me so well. I work on emptying and filling kitchen cabinets.

9:00 sun has defrosted yard, send harland and gaynor out to play, why don't we have our winter coats out of storage yet?, oh yeah, there are only 24 hrs in a day. dress them in multiple sweatshirts they look like staypuff marshmallow men. Change poopy diaper #2

9:30 indigo in bed for nap, brew second pot of coffee,Gaynor has been to door twice to tell me it is "FREEZING OUT!" lock door again. we notice man on quad with dog (on quad?) driving into our fields, we talk about the very real possibility of people hunting out there and what we can do about it. Mikes walks out to talk to guy.

10:00 older neighbor, not hunting, PHEW. we let him know our boys play there, he was nice talked to mike about the history of the farm and area. Mike lets him know he is welcome on property as long as he is not hunting.

11:30 its warming up in here, all ready 70" we still don't quite get it. Once that sun is coming in the temp goes up and up. it will be great in the dead of winter. meanwhile we start removing layers. Change poopy diaper #3 Indigo is up and outside with Forrest and Princess Fluffy Ireen Da Sea Kitten. whom figured out today that she can jump up through the open stairs. she does not like the upstairs but can now tell us she wants to go out.

12:30 lunch pb&j all around except me, i have indigo's leftover beans and rice from burrito joint. I warm chapatti on wood stove, it is now 72" down to t-shirt and jeans. make chai lattes with the boys, yumma!

1:30 Indigo is in trance sitting on floor watching elmo in grouchland. Mike and i discuss how we have a bubba baby. How did this happen? he is sucking back an 8 oz bottle of vanilla soymilk. he doesn't once remove it from his mouth. He is a breastfed baby! We plan our course of action. He clearly must be weaned from the very vanilla kids milk. it is far too yummy. We also decide to buy new sippy cups and ditch the bottles. The best I can figure, in my desperate attempt to get him to take a bottle.(this was only this past august!) i over did it. I realized if he didn't get up in the night time, he would not be nursing at all. Mike laughs at me.

2:00 INdigo back in for nap. Forrest agrees to take Harland (cranky pants) exploring! They go into the back woods to find the old narrow gauge rail bed, SeaK follows them, She really likes the kids.
I sit down to read, Working on "Spiritual Midwifery", its required reading for any and all midwife, doula and or birth instructor courses, i found it in a cabinet here. It is good. But a little kooky some times. They say psychedelic and telepathic way too much. Silly Hippies (its a joke I really do appreciate all the book and "the farm" have to offer) Consider getting naked as it is now 75" in here. Decide it would probably freak the kids out so i don't.Put more deodorant on instead

3:30 I love feeling like things actually got done! Porch cleaned out, wood stacked, pantry set up, 3 kitchen boxes emptied. Toy area set up. I did cringe when mike mentioned he was going to start emptying the storage unit....where are we going to put this stuff? what ever, we'll deal.

4:30 Gaynor comes in, boys are in hay, he decides no hives for him today. Gaynor and I make dinner, Coconut pancakes with pineapple sauces. Gaynor is an awesome cook. He pays attention and counts out loud. How smart.

5:30 dinner is done, Harland has been doing that screeching whining thing for hours now. He was up late last night, actually he came to me at 9:15 and said " actually mom, i think i'll get to bed, i'm tired and cold" I found that very interesting. I recently read about not giving bed times to kids. so i thought wow, he really will go to bed, but his attitude and whining today clearly indicate that this does not work! An accidental experiment proves me right! HUH!!!

6:00 Change poopy diaper #4 Honestly! . the changing station is working out great except that i still have to walk across house to empty diapers into toilet. darn. Mike gives poopy boy a tubby Our new sink is so deep its like a giant tubby. He loves it. Fold laundry, all 5 loads boys distribute and put away, clean up and sit down play dinosaurs with Indigo. Watch indigo push laundry basket around(one of his favorite games)

Get ready to watch sunday night tv. AFV, Extreme Makeovers (all though it is starting to get real monotonous and it's aggravating watching them tear down houses that are perfectly fine. Harland out cold at8:00.

9:00 boys in bed desperate housewives, decide not to watch brother's and sisters, tv is so boring! I bring in wood and mike loads up stove.

10:00 bed,

10:05 indigo up, he seems to have this alarm that lets him know exactly when i close my eyes and just start to dose off. Thank goodness, i don't need sleep anyway.

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