Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday.....SUN IS OUT!

6:00am up 67" no fire yeah. Sun is out!!!! The mountains are lighting up with all that fall color! make oatmeal for six, toast for one (impatient baby) and coffee for 2, all at once! I ROCK!

Mike leaves, I look around to consider how the house actually looks as though it has been ransacked! decide to get on computer and once again ignore how much i have to do. Hey, its working for me.

9:00 Shower, I even dry and flat iorn my hair!! WOW!

9:30 Indigo in for nap, should clean now.....but no!

11:00 Indigo is up and i litterally did nothing. Decide to send boys out to find leaves for leaf rubbings, send indigo out too, spend 30 mins cleaning like a tornado while listening to strictly Britney and Christina. (don't tell anyone my secret. i love BRIT!)

2:00 send three boys out across the street to collect leaves for leaf rubbing, indigo in bed, start my super fast cleaning method. Boys are gone for a long time....they come in and announce forrest has lost his phone, somewhere in the acres of fields across the street.....YEAH! the boys go back to look.

3:30 Mike comes home and relieves gaynor in the search for phone. Meanwhile, Indigo falls and bashes his face.....Gaynor drops bowl of rice for dinner on floor, breaking bowl (down to 3) and loosing all rice.

4:00 Would you believe they found the phone??? Sit down to dinner, blackbean burritos with home made chipaatis, no rice.

6:00 freaking out cause everyone is kookoo!! realize we are in the middle of a full moon.
6:30 decide all this craziness calls for some home made cinnamon buns...yum! worth all the work and mess

9:00-morning. Indigo has decided this is a "no sleeping and no way i'm stayin in my crib" night. I spend the night getting scratched, kicked and having my hair pulled.

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