Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bad Day..........GOOD DAY!

Today started out crazy and hectic. We are having a new water heater put in and our furnace was being cleaned. In a mobile home your furnace is in the super narrow hallway. So I decided we should leave for the day. We had to get up, clean the house and get out of here. So normally rushing equals chaos and today was no exception. The kids were great. Forrest offered to call in to work to help out. We got everyone ready, house cleaned, bag packed, etc. Then my land lord called to say the burner guy was not coming. UUUUGGGGHHHHH! i know its not a big deal but now the boys were expecting to go out and we will have to do it all again next week.
Any way, we decided to go to the farmington library. Then I couldn't find my wallet. Seriously!!! nothing can send me over the edge like my own giant lack of any organizational skills what so ever! Forrest had allready put everyone in the car. I looked and looked. NO WALLET! Now, I'm cranky! I got out to the car and one was crying and two were fighting. So, I yelled. I was sure it was going to be a rotten trip/day.
So, we got a snack, put the diapers in the dryer at the laundromat, and headed to a cool store called Outskirts. its a totally punk-rock vintagey place. its rad. Then i ran next door to a pottery place Forest Rhythms to look at pestal/mortar sets. Here is where it all changed. The owner, Steve, was throwing some pottery on his wheel. The boys were fascinated, we started talking, he started teaching, my boys asked great questions. He got some clay out for them to try pinch-pots. As a bonus, josh the glass guy was there. Its funny we noticed him when we first moved here because he has a mercedes disel wagon, and we want one. Then we started seeing him everywhere! Turns out he's a glass blower. So he was there to put some of his work in the store. So forrest picked his brain for a while. Learning learning learning! I love it! We asked about lessons, he said maybe in the future. Turns out he has 4 boys! Any way he is firing the bowls the boys made and he sent us home with a huge bag of clay to make more. What an amazing adventure. So cool. This all came the day after i read everything i could find on unschooling! is this a sign? Forrest thought so. Then we went to the library, and home. Forrest is currently doing science experiments with harland at the sink. What could be more fun than baking soda and vinegar??? Today is a great day!

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