Saturday, October 18, 2008


6:00 Up..its 58' in the house and 30ish outside. Must light fire immediately. Forrest stands over me to let me know all that i am doing wrong. Thank goodness cause mike was getting dressed! I remind him that the technique hardly counts if the outcome is good. Plus it only takes me 10 minutes this time HA! I make oatmeal, coffee and heat left over cinnamon buns.
7:30 I use my sad puppy dog eyes to convince mike not to go to work and stay here and help me get this place under control. After all i have been very busy all week not doing the work. surprisingly he agrees. I am convinced it was my puppy dog eyes and not that he didn't want to go anyway.

8:00 Mike agrees to tackle cleaning the pantry/laundry room....MY HERO! I start the general cleaning and organizing w/ boys.

8:30 Indigo goes in willingly for a nap, huh?#!, don't worry i don't need one buddy.

12:00 I make lunch, left-overs and more fresh chapatis, Then immediately change poopy diaper #3 today. seriously, who poops this much?? its like 3-5 times a day? I think he needs more bananas!

1-4 more cleaning and singing along to Flight of the Conchords, so stinkin funny! Send the boys outside to play. Gaynor actually only comes up with two separate ploys to come back in. He must really like it here! I of course just lock him out, (must check all doors) and turn up the music. I watch Indigo running around with forrest out side. he would stay out all day!

4:30 load em up in van for trip to Big Mouth Burritos! Yahoo! But first have to strip down boys to shake hay off, oh forget it hay doesn't come off fleece! it makes its own special velcro like bond. have to go back in to change some clothes. ok. Yummy fresh burritos with marinated tofu and brown rice plus fresh salsa, cabbage, lettuce, peppers,carrots, onions and black beans, all on a whole wheat tortilla. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM i will never eat taco belle or even Q'doba again! I hope chuck stays in business.

5:30 run into store to pick up basics, Its not really economical to make 40 trips to store a week when it's 30 mins away! oh well, maybe i'll be back on track next week.
5:45 go to walmart ( I know, but it is literally the only clothing/shoe store for kids less than 1 hour away) buy harland shoes, all man made materials and for $9 bargain! get socks too, aren't i sweet. hang out like true trash and watch kids play Rock Band.

7:30 home, WOW the stars are amazing here!!! it must be because we are more north and so, closer to the stars.... um, that was just a joke! But seriously even the moon is brighter. It honestly looks light day time when the moon is full. its chilly out!
when we get inside it is still 68"...we lit only one fire burned maybe 5 pieces of wood. we get so much sun and are almost completely south facing. plus the insulation here is great. should be no problem heating this place this winter. RELIEF!
9:00 light small fire for night,it cooling of in here, tubs and jammies, it's a late night for us. off to bed

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