Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun Fun Fun and what a view!

I took the boys skiing on Tuesday. It was beautiful! 5o degrees and sunny! Not even a speck of wind. The mountain got a little busy in the afternoon. A huge local school group was there ( I am really amazed at how bratty other people's kids are and I have convinced myself that my children would never act that way, even if i wasn't around....delusional? possibly) and it was spring break in Nova Scotia. But it was still pretty quiet compared to vacation week. The big boys have moved on to Intermediate trails and are really loving skiing. I wish I had taken them more. Harland took a private lesson. He got to ride the lift twice and did ok. I guess I just thought he would pick it up faster. He enjoyed it this time so i guess that is all that matters. I just had it in my head he would be able to take a few runs with his brothers. But i think it is the ski lodge for this kid for the rest of the season. Maybe mike will find a day to take them . He has just been so busy with work. I would love to put him in another lesson but they are sooo pricey and really not even close to being in the budget. I sure hope his skis and boots fit him next year! He is only 5 so I suppose the fact that he is skiing at all is pretty great. After all his 10 year old and 14 year old brother are also skiing for the FIRST time. We decided the way to cut costs for next year is to not buy Mike a season pass. He really didn't get to go enough to make it worth it. The boys are very reasonable and Harland's is free. I didn't get any photos of Harland because when it was time for his lesson, Forrest had taken my camera to the top of the mountain to get these..........

pretty amazing! They just wanted their non skiing mom to see the view and the lake and how short the trees are up there. funny! we are heading back there again on Friday. Season's almost over, gotta get my money's worth!


randi said...

Looks like great fun!

I tried snowboarding one time and that's it! Now I leave it to my kids and hubby and I stand by and take pictures and drink hot cocoa in the lodge. Totally works for me! ;)

Gram said...

Wow! you guys look so professional and what a view. Wish I was up there too.