Monday, March 23, 2009

OMG A Bald Eagle!

We were just sitting down to watch Ocean's 11. It was dusk. Out of the corner of my eye i saw a shadow just outside our huge picture window.....Oh My Gosh! It's A BALD EAGLE! Everyone looked. It was so close to our house and then it landed in a tree directly across the street. All I could think of was a Pterodactyl! It Was HUGE! We all jumped out of our seats. Everyone was yelling and laughing and..ooooops the baby was in bed. Oh well. It jumped up a few branches and then flew away. WOW is really all I can say. My heart was pounding! How exciting! I have seen them in Zoos but never in the wild. Let alone outside my window! Harland had to call "every one he knows" to tell them today. Clearly he was as impressed as I was. I think I feel a unit study coming on! AWESOME!

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Clone.Girl. said...

That is so cool! I've never seen one outside of a park in real life (I watched a live feed from a webcam placed on an eagle nest.)
I love Ocean's 11. It is one of my favorite movies.