Wednesday, March 4, 2009

School and a some sickies

First, Thank You Soule Mama for your inspiration. We busted out the water colors. Lovely! Gaynor finally did his oral presentation on Ramadan, Hanuka and Kwanzaa.

We got busy and forgot. Forrest will do his this week. It was terrific. He has asked to do his next report on Chimpanzees an endangered species. We are listening to Eragon on CD. its great. Its amazing to know it was written by a 15 year old boy! Gaynor is working on a series of fictional short stories based on working on a(our) farm. I will post his first on his page this week. If you click on their individual pictures on the right, they will take you to their pages. They are not current but will be soon. Forrest is loving his Biology Curriculum. He received his first test back from his teacher. 88. Mostly because he transposed answers when copying them to the answer sheet. I think he will be more careful next time. His essays received almost full credit, minus 1 point. Pretty Great! The Math-U_See curriculum is going very well. I am very happy with it. Gaynor is still having a tough time dividing fractions so we will go back together tomorrow and work on it. Other than that they are both doing very well. The boys watched "The Future of Food" yesterday. I think they have a new appreciation for our effort to grow our own food as I do. We found a form letter to send to US Senators about keeping organic foods and seeds pure from GMO's and we will send out 3 per week. Forrest is working to start a Harry Potter Alliance group here. Its a really great way for kids to get together and work to make a difference with current events and issues. One of their major issues right now is Darfur and the Genocide happening there. They sort of relate current issues with issues Harry deals with in the stories. Really Interesting. We still are not doing history. This is so tough. I feel like so many history books are jaded and honestly it's not my favorite. Mike has agreed to try and take it over. I just don't know how he will find the time. Any ideas are welcome.
I have jinxed the health of my family again. I mentioned in a comment to Jillienne that my kids have been healthy all winter. So, now, of course they are all sick. Well three of the four so far. Indigo first. He has a bad cold with a terrible cough. He is cranky but eating, drinking and sleeping fine. No high fevers either. So it could be so much worse. Forrest and Harland starting coughing yesterday and are looking progressively worse as the day goes on. So nice we don't have any where to go. We will sit and listen to our story and drink tea, and knit, and paint and rest. oh and wipe noses and cuddle. Maybe i will cuddle with my face pointed in the other direction. Or does that even matter since he sleeps with me with his face less than an inch from mine?


Jillienne said...

Oh no! I am sorry, I hate when that happens say it (write it) and boom it shows up!

Hot Belly Mama said...

FYI - I am giving away a free bumgenius 3.0 diaper to celebrate my birthday! Check out my blog for details!

Love... Hot Belly Mama

randi said...

I hope the boys are better soon and that you stay well! Just try not to breathe in when they turn towards you! ;)