Friday, March 13, 2009

A recipe to ensure my entire family eats until they can't move

and then even fight over left overs. Yes, literally. We got the recipe for Cheesy Bean Enchiladas on vegweb and have had it almost weekly ever since. it is so delicious. We had some friends over (not vegetarian) and had this for dinner. A week later One told me he was still thinking about this yummy meal. yes it is that good! I use canned beans and even let myself buy tortillas and enchilada sauce at the store...YIKES! The fact is i need a few meals that don't take hours to make. We very often eat this on shopping day. I hate cooking on shopping day! Ortega makes an enchilada sauce with no MSG. We use 4 bottles and add 1 cup of hot salsa to the beans as the sauce is mild. I serve it with my yummy coriander rice.

in a sauce pan saute one med onion chopped in oil until soft
add 2-4 cloves garlic and 1-2 tbls whole coriander seeds crushed. You need to use the whole seeds and crush it yourself or it does not have the same flavor. I just wrap it in a cloth napkin and beat it with an ice cream scoop. saute for one more minute add 2 cups brown long grain rice and 4 cups water. bring to boil, cover and simmer until done about 40 mins.

I am currently stuffed from leftovers of this meal. sooo good! we also use the cheese sauce recipe for nachos! good stuff!


Jillienne said...

Sounds yummy! said...

oh that looks fabulous!

Bea said...

Mmm... going to make this within the fortnight!

Anonymous said...

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