Friday, September 7, 2007


I feel like all I write about is BOOKS!!!! I just cant get them off my mind!!! I will second what water said in another blog. And that is to read the harry potter books. They must be good cuz water is on #7, and he HATES reading!!!!!! I watched some of a nick show called " Tak and the power of juju" and it STUNK!!!! Ireally recommend you don't watch it. I am almost done with " the dark half" by Stephen King and then I will be reading "visions from a fox hole". Anyone who wants to read a very moving speech go to the link at the bottom of the blog.

I came across this pic of Earth and just had to put it on !!!!!! Just look at him!!!!!!! It was last year in April I think ( that is to say April of 2006). I'm kinda tired (I got up early this morning ) so I'm gonna go to bed. Sweet. Sweet. Bed!!!



p.s. Now i will tell all of you who are new to reading my blogs that i am a horrible speller and i don't care so if you don't like my spelling, get out of my blog! thanks :-)

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