Monday, September 3, 2007

School, when you least expect it!

I am really starting to get the whole unschooling thing. This is the theory of letting your children self lead and self teach. I am still doing some minor "work with them" little things like having them write a letter once a week to someone. I also assign them little research projects, like find 3 facts about cicadas or measure the distance from here to there on the map. I also am teaching Wind some computer skills, he just typed up a master grocery list with prices in excel. things like that. i do intend to do a formal math curriculum but this should only take less than 20 mins a day. Here is my point. First let me tell you i woke up at 8:30 am. Everyone was fed and dressed, the laundry was folded and the washer was running. Everyone was on their way outside to vaccume the pool and sweep the desk. Wish every morning could start off this way. So then they came to ask if there was anything else i needed done. they had something they wanted to try. They are outside right now trying to make plaster casts of cicada holes. i don't even know where they found out about it but what a great science project. its a holiday and i had no intention of doing "school" but thats what its all about isn't it. They are having fun! and learning comes naturally when you are having fun, check out the pics, cant wait to see how it turns out.-M.E.
p.s. i just like the way the diapers look hung out on the line, i'm a dork!

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