Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Second Time Around!-Mother Earth

So i wrote this great long blog yesterday and i then proceeded to erase the whole thing by accident! uuggghh! that really erks me! So here goes again. We started our first history unit and we decided to start with the Cherokee Indians and the trail of tears. This area is loaded with cherokee history and the trail of tears starts in Chatanooga. We got a fictional biography of a cherokee boy and his story of the trail of tears. The story is based on fact. The boys think Pa and Gram should read it before they come. So Friday we went to the birth place of Sequoyah. He is the man who invented the Cherokee Writing system so that they could communicate by written word for the first time. Then yesterday we took a ride through some of the Cherokee national forrest and the Cherohala Skyway. Its a road that goes through some of the forest and up on top of the ridges but we didn't get that far. We stoped on the river so the boys could explore and i could feed Fire. then it was time to head back home. The trail of tears is a horrible black mark on our country. This is when the americans decided they wanted the land the tribes had and proceeded to force them to leave and move to the otherside of the mississippi. Over 4000 native americans died on the voyage and this # doesnt include the ones who died in the "camps" waiting to be moved. It is a horrible story but i think it will make for a great lesson. I am hoping to learn more about the cherokee people themselves and their ways of life. i would like to find some recipes and some crafts to do with the kids. Plus i am sure we will visit the trail of tears and some other museums.
On a side note. Fire doesnt seem to love riding in the car allthough we were in it for a long time. On the way home he started to cry, like really cry which he never does. I turned around and Water looked like he was going to be sick. He was so upset that Fire was crying like that. he thought maybe something was hurting him. It was really sweet but i told him it was a good thing Fire wasn't like him when he was an infant or he would never make it!

Now i will tell all of you who are new to reading my blogs that i am a horrible speller and i don't care so if you don't like my spelling, get out of my blog! thanks-M.E.

Deana thinks my name should be Mother Earth, thanks deana i like it!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Me! I love that someone actually listens to me! That was a very interesting blog, how do you come up with the things that you come up with? I don't think that I have ever heard about that, did I go to school? Maybe I need to go back to school with you as the teacher, I'm sure that I would learn so much more!

jill said...

Maybe I could use some homeschooling because Im not sure if I am posting correctly. I wanted to say that it was a pleasure to soo you boys the other day. Elijah had a wonderful time. You are all growing so fast and you really are great, polite boys...and funny too. I hope we get to see lots of each other now that your home.