Sunday, September 2, 2007

cant think of a title - wind

i am talking to my friend pat on AIM and we havn't talked in awhile. i finished "the dragon quintet" on friday and have started to read a stephen king book called "the dark half" an i'm on page like 189 or somthin. i am also listening to "the chocolate war" on CD. it amases my mother that i cant talk and do someting else at the same time but i can read 5 books at once and tell you what is going on in each (not while doing someting else of course !!! :-] and i have read 5 at once, well in the same day). I have also read "salems lot" by stephen king and "a time to kill" by john grisham. we went to the Cheraholla(?) skyway the other day and it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) its a road that goes through a national park and theres little places where you can pll off to the side. we stopped near a river and looked around. earth enjoyed throwing rocks in the water. two really great bands are Blink 182 and Avril lavinge (links at bottom).

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