Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If My Life Wasn't Chaos At All Times............-M.E.

I'd be bored! this was the original title of my blogspot. i changed it though because i thought people might take it the wrong way. its not meant to be negative, chaos isn't always a bad thing. Especially when it orignates from 4 amazing little men. Right now however.....Chaos! Chaos i can't even really talk about at this point. It's going to be a good thing, but right now we are hectic and stressed. I guess we are in the home stretch here.

I went to see my friends from Starbucks yesterday. I love them and really haven't seen them as much as i would have liked since i left. What a great bunch of people. Everyone has their own important and interesting things going on. i love to talk to them. I wish i didn't talk so much and spent more time listening. its a quality i am working on.

School is on hold for a few weeks while we finish up this major project we are working on. The boys are still reading a ton. In case you didn't see, Water is about to finish the latest Harry Potter Book. This will mean he read all 7 in less than 4 months. What is funny is that i had to force him to read the first one, but then it was all him. I knew he would love them. He keeps telling me how much better than the movies they were. But now the problem is Wind and Water have read Book 7 and Dad and I have not so i have to constantly remind them not to talk about it. I had the last one ruined for me and i can't let that happen again. All in all things are going fairly smoothly. I chalk that up to having children who handle chaos well and are well behaved and helpful. Thanks Boys!

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Dar said...

Ha! I've been starting all my emails with "welcome to the chaos that is my life." Until my friends said that it was depressing them, anyway.

We're looking forward to seeing your big project completed soon :) Think Wind or Water are ready for the trapeze?