Monday, January 19, 2009

Could work actually be more fun than feeling sorry for myself???

7:00 am, up with indigo. he's been running a fever so it was a tossy turny kind of night. no symptoms just fever, could be the 4 eye teeth he is cutting
7:15 big boys are up and dressed and starting school work! WoW! I sit right down to research nursing school, daycare, etc. (it is mid winter, people! time to totally re-invent my life!)
8:00 sit down with oatmeal and new Mother Earth News. feeling inspired! I will pretend i didn't see the editors letter which included population control as a necessary means to fix our over consuming issues!!!! URRRRGGGHHHH! don't even get me started!
9:00 laundry, dress littles(mom that little sweater is so stinkin cute!)clean kitchen, empty and reload dishwasher, switch laundry, check boys progress, change video for Indigo......6 times! this is his new thing!
10:30 write myself a letter reminding me why i moved to maine....must stay focused, school needs to wait another year.
10:45 Make bread dough, enough for 6 loaves.
11:00 take gaynor out to get wood. discover our plow guy has unknowingly plowed in our path to the wood barn. dig through a 5foot high, 5 foot wide wall of snow!! drag and unload sleds full of wood!
just realized this picture makes it look like forrest did the shoveling.. NO! I did it! just asked him to stand there for picture.

12:00 in for hot chocolate and lunch.
12:40 Indigo in for nap, boys out to play me out to do more wood! its a balmy 30 degrees out must get wood done before -26 degrees comes back!!!!
1:20 came inside to blow my nose and Indigo was screaming. Guess he's not actually going to take a nap. We did get a few more sled loads in though.
2:00 Make yummy french lentil soup from Veganomicon
3:00 Bake two loves of bread, quick pick up of house fold 4 load of laundry put more in, sit to blog and blog-stalk

I got a little kick of motivation/inspiration today. Its time to get working on this house! we need to get it finished before spring. It's also time to seriously downsize the "stuff"
Wrote out a house plan today. room by room. Also a plan for what we will be growing this spring so i can start ordering seeds. Getting wood was tiring but kinda fun. It was beautiful out side and it was a nice change from the never ending laundry/cooking battle. Mike worked 5-4 today and has to be in at 7 tomorrow. Guess it beats no work at all. Forrest has a Doctor's appt tomorrow to look at his swollen lymph nodes. I think if its nice we'll go out on the snow shoes and see what kinds of tracks we can find. I have these crazy gross pictures i may post. Something picked apart a raven in my driveway. It was really gross but really weird. Are you up for it. I'll put warnings up before i post it. In the mean time here are some pics from today.

this weird marking is from a big bird i think. It's at our compost pile. Either a turkey or a Raven.


Darcy said...

That Forrest is always stealing your credit!

CJ and I vote NO THANK YOU on the raven. Adam surely would vote yes, but you knew that, didn't you?

Jillienne said...

Thanks for your well wishes on my blog. I hope that your little man is feeling better soon.

Funny this is that I made a house plan last week too! Here is to both of us getting it done!