Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm still not sure

its hard to photograph the color. although we do have daylight, the room is north facing, its cloudy, and there is nothing in the room to contrast the color against. It seems to actually photograph lighter than it is. It is dark. Darker than I would have picked. Here is how not to pick a paint color. Show husband pictures online of the color you want. Send husband 40 minutes away to hardware store with 5 year old to find a matching color using only his memory. It is the right color, just about 7 shades too dark. I'm gonna leave it and see what i think once the room is back together. If its not right, we will paint it again this spring. I think it will either grow on me or I'll hate it. Once the room is back together, i'll take more pics.


Jillienne said...

In the picture the color is very close to what we just painted our almost 13 year olds room. We really like it!

Gram said...

I like it. You could mix white with it and paint two walls the lighter color, if you think it is too dark. Very pretty color.