Thursday, January 22, 2009


Alright, Here they are everyone. Sorry Darcy and Conroy, you have been out voted. My sister thinks maybe an owl or hawk. I thought it was really strange that what ever it was, ate it right in the driveway, directly behind the car. We were home and every thing. I guess as long as it is not a bear, I'll be fine. The critters are loving the compost. Tracks of all kinds going in and out. It has become more of a "feed the critters" pile as opposed to a compost pile. Oh well.

Keep in mind this is a Raven I think. They are quite large! I was amazed at how the flesh was picked off the skeleton, but the skeleton was not disturbed. We say it was a bird of some kind because there were no tracks in or out.

Ok Here you go, enjoy, I guess.

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