Wednesday, January 21, 2009

These Are The Days....

Mike was home again today. I decided not to think about what that means in terms of money. He is going to work Saturday. Mike got the trim on our bedroom door and the littles' bedroom door done. I can't believe what a difference trim makes. He also sprayed insulation in around one of the big front windows and the french doors off the play room. Progress is being made. I washed sheets and comforters and made dough for 8 loaves. Indigo has been really rotten(in the cutest way possible of coarse). He is obsessed with the television. What have I done? He cried for literally hours today, starting from the minute he woke up. This is one persistant baby! It was so ridiculous but I will not give in! We need to cut back. I finally manged to distract him but i had to sit right in the play room with him while he played with trains. So, I worked on my new ">wristers.
He did take a little nap from 10-11:30. Then we had lunch and the tantrum started all over again. I just keep reminding myself this "persistence" will be a brilliant quality when he is an adult! So I bundled everyone up and we went outside to play. Nothing like 3 feet of snow as a distraction. He loves that darn sled. we just took turns pulling him around the driveway while the rest of us built rad snow forts. I made stairs up the back of a 6 foot snow bank and a sled path down the front. For a quick escape in case of attack. Sorry I didn't take any pictures today. I was too busy playing.
We came in for hot chocolate and would you believe he forgot about the TV for like 1 whole hour!!! I finally let him watch a movie but not because of a tantrum. I needed to cook dinner and Mike took Forrest to his guitar lesson and to run errands. Gaynor was down stairs playing his drums and Harland was downstairs riding his scooter. I was on my own. Indigo kept getting into the trash, the tools, the bathroom. So Madagascar, my best babysitter went in. I really do wish we didn't have a television, then i wouldn't be able to use it!
For dinner, roasted veggies (sweet potatoes, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, beets with garlic, salt, pepper, tarragon and nutmeg) brown rice, sauteed baby spinach and onions and bread of coarse. should be ready soon.
I love days like these, even with the tantrums. I will fall into bed tonight! But will probably work on my wristers a little more after falling. hee hee.

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RedLentil said...

What a day! You're right though, days like that, even with the tantrums are great. When my children are all grumpy and arguing I just remind myself what it will be like in years to come, how much I'll miss it all and then I love the noise and the chaos!

The crochet looks great - I wish I could crochet but I've tried so hard and just can't seem to get the knack, not with knitting either... still, maybe one day.

Would love to see your gruesome pics you mentioned the other day by the way .. nature can be gruesome but it's still just natural stuff.

Keep blogging ... hopefully I'll be back to mine soon when all my chaos has calmed down!