Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Easy vegan dinner to please

I tend to make elaborate meals and bake a ton. Everything from scratch of course. This leaves me spending hours in the kitchen each day. I having been trying to fit more sewing and crocheting/knitting into my life. Somethings got to give. So I thought i would let you in on my fastest vegan meal to feed six, with left overs. Nutritious??? not really but not too bad i guess. So here goes,,,, this one is for you mom, A meal from my childhood, modified to be vegan.

"Chuna Macaroni Salad" (as in chick peas for tuna)

1 lb elbow pasta
2 cans chick peas (or equivalent cooked chick peas)
1/2 small to medium onion chopped
dill relish (didn't even know they made dill relish YUMMY!)
dijon or brown mustard

cook pasta, rinse thoroughly with cold water (untill cold)
in a large bowl mash chick peas with fork or potatoe masher untill most or all whole beans are gone
add onion
add veganaise(maybe about 3/4 cup to start and more if needed at end)
add relish, to taste i use alot probably 4 heaping tables spoons
add mustard to taste I use about a tablespoon
mix together
add pasta and mix
add more veganaise if needed

serve with salt and pepper and potatoe chips

the kids love it! (All though a three year old guest took an enthusiastic big bite and spit it right out with an adorable "what the hell is this" face- thanks elijah) you can omit the pasta and use as a salad for sandwiches, just like tuna salad the whole thing takes about 15 minutes to prep ...15MINUTES! not two hours like the meal i made last night. as i said it's not the most nutritious thing we make but we don't eat fast food EVER so this is ok once in a while maybe i'll get to sew!

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RedLentil said...

That sounds excellent! I tend to be a bit of a slave in the kitchen too and often end up cooking three different meals at a time which is quite crazy. I need to make an effort to make meals which will please us all and this sounds just the ticket ... thanks for sharing :)

PS: Love your blog by the way!