Sunday, January 11, 2009

Did Anyone See the Moon Last Night?

So the moon has been unbelievable lately. So bright, it is honestly as bright as daylight out there. With shadows and all. Last night was the "biggest moon of 2009" due to it's proximity to the earth. As everyone was getting into bed, I stepped outside to take a look. I was considering going snowshoeing but, well, let's face it I'm not that motivated. In my defense, Indigo had all ready been up once. When he wakes up he freaks out if I'm not there. Mike handles it just fine, I just feel bad. Anyway, I digress. The moon, right. It was amazing! So amazing in fact i ran in to collect all boys and men to see it.(except indigo). I even woke Harland and wrapped him in a blanket. He was less than excited about being outside in 0 degree weather. The moon was high in the sky, so not as huge as it had been in the early evening. But, what was amazing was there was a huge rainbow ring all the way around it. It was stunning! I have never seen anything like it and may never again. We tried to take pictures but, um, well lets just say i am lucky to have a camera at all but still used this as yet another reason to get my REBEL. So much more to say, but Mike is making yummy vegan pumpkin waffles and the drool is getting all over the keyboard. Here are some pics instead.

he was angry. i made that little hat for him, more on my amazing hat making at a later date.

the boys watching TV on a chilly morning. Please note Harland is pretending to pick his nose, not actually picking it. He saves that for the car so he can try to hand me giant boogies while I drive.

he really loves to vaccume. He asked for the apron but ripped it off a second later.

My little Artist. He colors every day. In the high chair now. i caught on to his game of walking by his brothers and "accidentally" writing on them.

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